Live at Café Natura


Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little institutional spheres that we fail to recognize the grass root movements of social change and betterment that is happening all around us. Working in an art gallery I am constantly frustrated by audience attendance and engagement. It’s always a struggle to get people in our doors to see our exhibitions or participate in our programming. Yet, there are countless occasions when I’ve come upon a craft night, sewing circle, a jam session or an activist meet-up where people have organically organized themselves around an activity that they’re fond of. I once stumbled across a group of women who got together at an abandoned elementary school in the downtown west end to sew together.

More recently I attended Devon Coyote Live at Cafe Natura a show that was organized by Jackson Reed a budding young music promoter whose Live at Cafe Natura concerts have brought Kalle Mattson, Boreal Sons, Zachary Lucky and Wax Mannequin to the Sault.The young man’s latest project a Sault-based music promotion and local culture blog, Ears and Eyes online promises to not only promote concerts by local and visiting musicians but more profoundly to shape a more vibrant community by supporting the local music, art and creative scene. Jackson Reed and his partner, content curator super woman, Jessica Bolduc are game changers. They eat, live and breath Sault Ste. Marie.

Last night’s show opened with the Fever Tops a duo who having played together  for a few years is breaking up. Last night was their last performance together. The singer/guitar player and drummer pair rocked out to their own tunes like “The Disease” and covered the White Stripes “Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine.” Seventeen years old and these two are already reinventing themselves, the singer moving on to another band and the drummer on to pursue literary ambitions.

Devon Coyote, from my hometown province of BC gave a number of shout-outs to the Fever Tops who opened for them. And although, head banging isn’t really my thing it would be hard to dismiss their talent. Coyote was also impressed by Jackson Reed, of Ears and Eyes for managing to bring Coyote and his band back to the Sault for a second time. He went as far as to call the crowd at Cafe Natura better than those he’s seen in Montreal.

I went home last night feeling inspired. Good music, beautiful show, lovely people!





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