Brilliant skylines in Boystown


Skype chats and gmail, FaceTime – Facebook they’re keeping me connected with the people I love the most and then with some others who I probably would have forgotten years ago. Hyper-digi-connectivity is one thing face to face time with a friend you haven’t seen in over a year is another.


The two of us, Luca and I, are in very similar positions, working and doing something we love, but stuck in cities we don’t. We couldn’t have landed in places more culturally, historically and environmentally different than the lovely Leiden, where we met. A place we both adored.

But, we made it, we escaped to the Big CITY. It was only for a weekend, but oh what a weekend it was.


As promised Luca had plans for a pasta dinner by candle light complete with an organic Sicilian wine. Before sitting down to eat in our closet sized, but sophistically located apartment we went for a little walk. I came home with a beautiful pair of brown leather boots that my non-profit salary really couldn’t afford. After dinner we took the red line train to Boys town where we danced the night away.  I couldn’t believe the price of a Martini – cocktails in Canada are way overpriced!

I’m happy for now. We both are. The city trip quenched our thirst for urban life, but we long for the days when we can walk or take the train anywhere we like, where we have to stand in a line to get Chinese, but want to because the food’s just that good, where shopping doesn’t have to be done online, where we spend more time with our friends outside the house because our apartments are too small to entertain, but that’s all right; because in the City, there is always somewhere to go, always something open and getting there at any hour is fine.

Ah city life…



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