It’s a capital city all right

Fall has come and gone. The coloured leaves of September have long been blanketed in snow. I remember that only a few short months ago I was embracing the wild winds and wavy shores of Lake Superior swimming way too late in the season in the greatest Lake I’ve ever known.

I forget the days of the week and the months of the year, as my life is managed by an over-scheduled calendar where work engagements dominant and down time is better spent with friends. Sure it’s cozy with a scarf wrapped around my neck and my feet toasty in my sheepskin slippers, but these shorter winter days have me wondering how it’s possible to live in the North and still have a life. Bring back the light I say!

IMG_2597 IMG_2592

November was amazing. A trip to Ottawa and the Byward Market, a place I spent 6 months reading and writing intensively about, a place that was much livelier in my imagination than it was mid-week in November. I must admit that I was a little disappointed by the market building itself, but it showed potential and I’m sure that on a bright summer’s day the energy of the area makes it come alive.

Reuniting with my childhood friend, eating at Chez Lucien, shopping for Christmas stationary at the Papery and housewares at the Zone were all highlights of the Byward Market area.

IMG_2581 IMG_2612 IMG_2610

Foggy, rainy and windy weather aside, Ottawa is a lovely little city. There may be a million plus people who live there, but the historic city centre and the concentration of small businesses make it feel like a small town, made it feel like home. 

IMG_2616 IMG_2663


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