As fall sets in

Sun shinning Days
Sun shinning Days

I loved this summer’s  farm visits and farmers’ markets, hot days on the sail boat, swims in Lake Huron, road trips along Lake Superior, White Fish fish fries on Fridays, bike rides on the “random tandem,” camps and cottages, fresh local food, strawberry picking, urban garden experiments, summer art shows, good bands and all night dance parties.

For a town in the middle of nowhere, or right in the middle of everywhere depending on how you look at it, Sault Ste. Marie isn’t all that bad. The summer here has been fantastic and as it winds down, and as I cozy into fall, I’ve started my annual period of reflection.

I’ve been a city girl for 29 years and an independent one for ten of them. I’m a restless wanderer who’s spent year after year traveling the world, exploring new possibilities, experiencing life’s unexpected adventures and getting into just the right amount of trouble along the way, but this year will be different. It’s a year for do-it yourself type adventures, outdoor explorations, cooking, canning and baking, an awakened inner hippie. My latest adventures in fermenting: sourdough, kimchi and kombucha are just the beginning.


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