Planting in the Blue

In the beginning...
In the beginning…

As strongly as I believe in buying local produce, I have never attempted to grow anything, apart from an indoor basel plant, on my own.

Early in the season, I had some very grandiose ideas about what my garden would look like. I had plans to buy or build a square foot gardening box and to fill it with premium soil. With a busy work schedule, tight finances and a summer full of other outdoor adventures to be had, the box never got built.

Instead, I brought home a few blue bins from work, which the city donated to the Art Gallery  for our Earth Day Family event in April. I figured that the depth and size of the boxes and the fact that they already had some drainage holes in the bottom made them the ideal make shift gardening box. When it came to soil I was lucky enough to have a friend whose parents had a farm with plenty of extra dirt – enriched with cow shit. Vegetarian soil, not really, but totally enriched with organic waste goodness nevertheless.

Bushy Bunch of Carrots
Bushy Bunch of Carrots

My housemate’s mom is an avid gardener so, she has been giving the two of us advice along the way. A month and a half after sowing the seeds we have already enjoyed radishes, baby romaine lettuce and mixed greens. The carrots are looking pretty healthy, as are the beets and perfectly plump tomatoes.

Black Tomatoes
Black Tomatoes

This little sidewalk garden experiment has been a fantastic introduction to urban gardening for me.

It has taught me that

1. You don’t need a lot of space

2. You don’t need any fancy equipment

3. If you plant the seeds your garden will grow

Happy Gardening!



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  1. amanda says:

    I LOVE this idea! Nice one. I came to the realization this year too that there is no REAL vegetarian anything out there lol, plants need animal compost! You really understand that when you start to grow your own food, bone meal is important too.

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