A little pizza never hurt anyone!

Pizza PizzaRecently one of my oldest and closest friends decided she was going to eat meat. This came as a big shocker considering she has been vegetarian for her entire 29 year life. It all started with a post she read on Wenellness Mama warning against the dangers of grains. The post was appropriately titled “How grains are killing you slowly.” I brought this up and work and the best response I got was “well it must be very slowly because people have been eating them for the past 10,000 years.” Well put!

I went through a few horrifying weeks where I didn’t eat any grain, I read internet articles about the toxicity of phytic acid found in whole grains, nuts, seeds, chocolate, beans and legumes – in other words  in many of the foods that I eat on a daily basis. All of a sudden I found a local farmer who would deliver me farm fresh, organic, grain fed eggs so I could finally start eating eggs again in peace. I stopped drinking Almond and Rice milk and went back to dairy, started eating cheese and even bought a couple cans of canned salmon to eat on salad. I basically abandoned my vegan diet in a matter of weeks. The best thing to come out of this was a recipe for soaked and baked oatmeal.

But the problem is I don’t want to eat meat. I don’t want to eat fish all that often and I still get kind of creeped out by consuming store bought dairy and eggs. What I really want is to be able to eat what I want when I want and not have this constant fear looming over my head that if I don’t watch everything I eat I am poising my body.

I make mostly everything from scratch from my cereal to my bread to desserts to salad dressings. I soak my own beans and since the phytate scare I soak them long enough to sprout, I eat yogurt and drink apple cider vinegar in warm water to keep the belly happy, and I drink glasses of ginger and lemon water to prevent seasonal colds and nasal congestion. Most importantly I eat a ton of vegetables every day.

While I am usually the first person to get hooked on the newest health trend like adding hemp hearts to this and chia seeds to that – I am starting to think this is all just some ridiculous plot for food suppliers, nutritionists, health food stores, doctors and authors to get rich. What ever happened to just eating a balanced diet, drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day and getting plenty of sleep and a lot of exercise?

I’m officially declaring my obsessions with finding the optimal diet over. I feel great, I hardly ever get sick I have a ton of energy and I’m at a heathy weight. Sure – I eat a predominately vegan/vegetarian diet, stay away from highly processed breads and love healthy enzymes in raw fruits and veggies – but by no means am I going to restrict and label myself a raw, gluten free, vegan. Go ahead and drop the labels try to incorporate the best aspects of a paleo, vegan/vegetarian, macrobiotic, gluten free and raw fooder diet into your life and what you’ll come up with is a balanced diet that has enough variety to keep you healthy happy and wholesome!


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  1. amandaspeters says:

    Well said lady! Sounds like your doing a pretty awesome job of nourishing your body and following your instincts.

    I definitely agree that it is hard to hear when one second something is healthy then the next its not… To me this just sings to the praises of traditional foods and eating what people have throughout history.

    Enjoying reading of your journey!

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