Seedy Saturday

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Every year the Sault Horticultural Society holds a seed swap. It is a chance for local growers and gardeners to bring in their seeds and swap them for others. If you are like me and haven’t grown or seeded much of anything in your life, apart from a bean stalk that you started in second grade as a science experiment, then you would have spent the day like I did visiting the different booths and chit chatting.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who attended the event. I was helping out an acquaintance, who belongs to the Sault’s Slow Food chapter. The Slow Food movement’s philosophy is GOOD CLEAN AND FAIR. It is a global organization in which its members promote these three principles in their individual communities and organize gastronomic events around them. The Sault chapter has one to two events per year.

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Some other great stalls were the Allard Street Community Garden, Algoma University’s Community Economic and Social Development program organizers, who was also promoting a community garden project and of course St. Joseph’s Coffee Roasters, whose locally roasted beans have only gone through two other pair of hands the farmer and a small US coffee buyers cooperative. Where I had the most fun was helping out a volunteer based club that shows people how to get their own indoor compost boxes set up. I helped them out separating worms from soil. The little girl sitting next to me just loved it!


This event was exactly what I needed. It gave me a new perspective on living in the Sault and a glimpse at the alternative and inspiring lifestyles that so many are living. Now that spring is just around the corner I can look forward to doing some planting of my own.


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