Snow shoeing

photo 4Yesterday was one of those days that just worked. I woke up early Saturday morning and the sun was shining bright, I started the laundry, made tea, ate breakfast and just hung out for a bit on the couch reading.  I’m obsessed with Haruki Murakami at the moment. At noon a friend of a friend picked me and another woman up and we headed out to the country.

photo 1More specifically to Saint Joseph’s Island to meet a friend who I met when I first moved to the Sault, back in December. Jen is one of those people who just radiates good vibes, the type you just want to be around, hopping that some of that bright and positive energy will rub off on you. Her and her husband own a place on the Island and since her hubby left for the weekend to go ice-fishing up North with the guys, she invited a bunch of us ladies to join her snowshoeing at the “camp.” photo 3We arrived at the place she refers to as the “camp,” which could more aptly be called a cottage. It was a sweet little house painted white with yellow shutters overlooking the lake. From either the porch that spanned the length of the cottage or from the large windows in the sunroom you could see the afternoon sun sparkling over the lake or rather on the ice and snow that covered it. Later that evening while we drank white wine and ate a big bowl of chilli we looked out through the same windows to see the full moon 2

The snowshoeing itself was fantastic. Let me just say that as much as I hate to emphasize the trivial notion of fitness which is only really a concept we’ve developed living in the city, snowshoeing is a killer workout. We all agreed that stomping through at least 50 centimetres of snow had to be doing something great for our but and thighs. Exercise aside the experience was idyllic. The pine trees covered in puffs of white fluffy goodness, everywhere you looked there were mounds of white gold glistening in the sunlight. Jen described the picturesque landscape as a scene on the label of a maple syrup bottle. It was quiet, it was peaceful, it was challenging, it was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Who would have thunk it, but I actually like the snow and the cold and all the fun adventures you can get into in the North.




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