Nothing like a good cup a joe

DishWell, it looks like there is hope after all in this wonderful little town of mine. Through my colleagues at work I came across this place on Queen Street called Dish. They brew I Deal coffee, which is a native Ontario roaster that has cafes in Toronto and to my delight at the Byward Market in Ottawa. IMG_0017


In this past week I’ve thankfully come to know a few local spots that are all within walking distance. Here’s the list: Jade Wellness Studio on Queen Street has classes in Buddhist meditation by donation, yoga, hot yoga and Pilates. The brand new studio also has a small shop that sells yoga bags which are made locally, books, incense, and Karma Yoga Wear that unlike Lululemon is still designed and manufactured in North America. City Meat Market is a small family operated grocery store that apart from gourmet and deli meats also sells European cheeses, Italian pastas and other speciality imports. Last night I tried their home made tomato sauce. It seemed a bit bland so I spiked it with some fresh veggies and locally grown garlic. The bulb of garlic is apparently from a local farm and it along with a 5 pound cabbage that I bought at the City Meat Market were the only two items of local produce that I managed to find.

Loose TeasLastly, there is a health food store around the corner from me called the Country Way. The prices are a little on the high end, but at least I’ve found a place that sells loose leaf tea, gluten free pastas, and crackers, organic tofu, alternative milk products, Daiya cheese and my new favourite household and cosmetic product Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. With these great finds I’m pretty sure I can live Walmart free from now on!


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