The “Soo”

I’ve gone from a city with a vibrant culture of food, locally roasted and freshly brewed coffee, finely crafted beers, and a jiving music scene to a town where Tim Hortons and Walmart rule. Yes, that’s right I actually bought groceries from a Walmart Superstore last night. Absolutely absurd for a girl who would rather go without than succumb to purchasing and consuming mass produced products and foods; but, there I was roaming WalMart for a good hour looking for something decent to eat. IMG_0005 IMG_0009I did manage to find some US organically grown baby greens and some balsamic dressing that seems to be pretty “clean.” I even broke down and bought those peeled baby carrots, which I swear have absolutely no nutritious value after the extreme peel and power wash treatment they have been through, but nevertheless I am sure they must be just a little bit healthier than a bag of Ripples chips and sour cream dip. IMG_0022

Despite its desperate ghost town image, the place is incredibly charming. I am completely inspired by its potential and a little overly enthusiastic about my new job at the Art Gallery of Algoma. The main street, Queen Street, may have as many for rent and lease signs as it does open business signs in the store front windows, but somehow I have a feeling this all could change.


Let’s see what happens in the weeks and months ahead. I’m up for the challenge to live in this city and not rely on Walmart or Tim Hortons for daily sustenance. I vow to find a couple of local retailers who will carry me through till farmers’ market season opens in May. More to come.


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