Market Cool

If you ever had a doubt that going to the market was uncool this little photo montage of my best friend’s twins in Antigua, Guatemala would prove you wrong. These two cool cats bring style and attitude to the market hall.

It’s been a few years since I was last in Guatemala, but I a hold very special place in my heart for the country and the people. It was after all where I met papa Pete, who at the time was only Pete. It was where I spent day after day lying in a hammock reading at the beach. A place where an entire evening would pass by and the biggest event would be hanging out with a friend in a hammock, drinking a Gallo beer and savouring garlic prawns or fried fish caught fresh that day in the Pacific. I spent most of my time working and living in Antigua, a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s picturesque colonial town full of expats who own fantastic bars, and cafes. I hosteled with people from Israel to Copenhagen and travelled by chicken bus to Tikal to capture a glimpse of the Mayan’s mystic civilization.

I fell in love with Guatemala. I loved the markets, and the fresh food, the good people and will forever remember my time there as being the most genuine moments in my life.

I think I could get used to living in a place where I could eat ripe avocados and juicy red tomatoes any and everyday of the year, and cruise the market with my closest friend and his two cool kiddies. Thanks to Pete for sharing these photos. They are a reminder of the simplest and purest things in life.


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