As autumn turns to winter

It wasn’t just the bitter cold and bright blue sky that signalled winter is coming. It was the pine and spruce wreaths hanging out front of the Farmer’s Market and the Designer Christmas Craft Show down at the Pier.

Winter is approaching but there were no signs that business at the Saturday market was slowing down. In fact the market felt more vibrant, welcoming and warmer than ever and as the scent of apple cider, waffles and fresh baking drifted through the air I couldn’t help but spend all of my Saturday morning and most of my early afternoon just wandering around. My enthusiasm to stop by the craft vendors both at the designer craft fair and at the Seaport Market was another sure tell sign that I had the winter holidays on my mind. I moisturized my hands with Argan oil that was imported to Canada through a women’s cooperative in northern Africa, tasted bits of raw chocolate, tried a piece of the locally sourced and produced Crowbar, and then stopped at a stand where I preceded to try a myriad of pickled beets, salsas, and spicy green beans, which were made by no other than Jim Dillman the owner of the Naked Pickle. Like the Blacksmiths of the world, who have turned iron into nails, Mr. Dillman was most certainly destined to perfect the art of pickling.

Before walking home along the waterfront I sat outside the market and ate a lentil pakora with mango chutney. The spice from the curry kept me warm in the crisp afternoon air. I took some photos of the festive wreaths and watched the coming and goings of the true Halgonians, a crowd that I would be happy to permanently belong to.

Is this all a sign that I am getting nervous about the coming winter and about moving to Northern Ontario this December? The time will come when I have to say good bye to leafy winter kale, purple cauliflower, sugar beets and Honey crisp apples and say hello to canned, frozen and industrially farmed produce. But until then I am happy to enjoy my last weeks in Halifax, a lovely city, home to friendly people and a perfectly delectable farmers’ market. 


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