The German Brezel

There is something hauntingly beautiful about Berlin. Being there in November may have added to the eery feeling I experienced while walking around this gigantic city. It started to get dark by 3:30pm and the mist that hung over the  magnificently grand buildings and the Brandenburg Gate was delightfully spooky. It wasn’t quite cold yet, but the autumn air was crisp and chilly.This weekend on the other side of the Atlantic where the days are cooling and winter is approaching I made my usual trek to the Market. Saturday at the Seaport  I came across a German woman who sells all kinds of traditional baked goods. If you haven’t tried German baking I would definitely suggest it. Perhaps the most well known is the Berliner, which you can buy in several countries outside Germany, like Spain, Italy and Portugal. Cafes are most likely catering to German tourists. Yet I’m sure these fried puffy delights would probably sell well just about anywhere. I know Canadians who love their doughnuts would go for them.  They are practically identical to the classic jelly filled. Myself I prefer chocolate cakes and poppy seed pastries. Whenever we visit my boyfriend’s family house his mom makes the most delicious chocolate hazelnut cake!

And let us not forget the Pretzel or as they say in German, the Brezel. Although I’m not usually a big fan of bread, the German’s have certainly perfected all bread making techniques – from heavy dark ryes to lighter whole wheats and whites. The Pretzel itself is a bit chewy. It has a similar texture and consistency to a realMontreal style bagel. Usually they are sprinkled with a bit of rock salt, but can also be found covered in cheese, or poppy and pumpkin seeds.

Unfortunately, the German bakery at the Halifax Market hasn’t quite mastered the Pretzel. In fact I was rather disappointed. The bread was kind of soggy, and it was covered in way too much salt. Whereas the salt can usually be brushed off this was baked in and I ended up tossing half of my four dollar Pretzel away.

I’m left longing for Germany!


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