Spritzing in Venice

It’s been a week since I moved back to Canada and now that I’m settled I’ve started to go through all my holiday photos from Italy. My Italian girlfriend Samuela and I were in Venice for three days last month. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. We walked around the city comfortably snapping photos, shopping, and as is customary in the region, drinking Spritz.Markets are always on my list of places to see and I had heard both from friends and in the guide book that the Rialto Market was definitely worth the visit. So, on the first full day we had there, Samuela and I checked it out. We had a rough idea of where the market was because the night before we had walked across the fantastic Rialto Bridge while looking for a place for dinner. When we returned the following day all the windows that had been boarded up at night before were open. We wandered through a sea of vendors selling Italian leather purses in every imaginable colour and gift shops full of Murano glass. When we made it through the maze of colour we entered a small square with an incredibly accurate sundial and a fresh water fountain. We figured that this ought to be where the food market was, but except for a few vendors selling fruits and vegetables on the fringes and around the corner of the square there didn’t seem to be much else. My trusty Italian sidekick asked a pair of stylishly dressed Italian gentlemen if we were in the right place and indeed we were. Hmmm this wasn’t really what I had expected.

We took a quick wander through the stalls. Gawked at the bouquets of peperoncino. I was caught fondeling a basket of plums by a vendor who was not afraid to tell me to “piss off” if I wasn’t going to buy anything. Well, Samu and I took our business elsewhere purchasing fresh fruit from a lady selling across the way. Afterward we returned to the centre of the square and joined the predominately Venetian crowd who was standing around in small groupings drinking Spritz and snacking on small sandwiches. When in Venice do as the Venetians do… Spritz!

How to Spritz! (At some point in our journey Samu and I decided that Spritz could be a verb in itself)

3 parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 part Sparkling water

When I make it at home I find it is easiest to just make a pitcher, then pour it into each individual glass. Personally I think a slice of Orange makes the best garnish, but in Venice it was often served with an olive or a slice of lemon. Salute!


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