“Food of the gods”

According to the chocolatiers from Rawthentic the name of their locally run company, which does most of its business on Saturdays at the Halifax Market,comes from the urban dictionary and is defined as “Being of purest form, genuine.”

This is exactly the kind of food that we expect to find at farmers’ markets and should be the kind of food that is more readily available wherever we are. I like their motto, which is to look at chocolate not as candy but as food. Of course they are referring to the different varieties of chocolate bars, balls, macaroons and fudge that they produce and not to Snickers, Mars and Kit Kat bars that are readily available at any corner store or supermarket. I think the key concept here is that what they are selling is FOOD, even if it is sweet healthy and delicious whereas what most of us are unknowingly eating these days is most definitely not. I love how Michael Pollen bluntly puts it in his mini guide book “Food Rules” that answers the question “What should I eat?” He simply states “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Thank goodness the cacao bean [pronounced Kuh-Kow] the main ingredient in chocolate is a plant!

And we can be even happier that the women behind Rawthentic make their chocolate with this philosophy in mind. They understand and promote the heath benefits of the cacao bean and strive to keep their products as close to its pure state as possible by using 100% raw ingredients. They invite those who have previously had aversions and allergies to chocolate to give it another try. They claim that most of the time what people react to are the processing methods and the added sugars and dairy in most chocolate and not the cacao bean itself that according to a growing body of research is a Superfood. The list of ingredients used in their products are available on their website and include raw cacao beans, a sweetener called Blue Amber Agave Nectar and a list of other ingredients that when used in different combinations make each product unique.

For all of us who are conscious of what we eat, where our food comes from and who has produced it, the wonderful people at Rawethnic have given us a guilt-free reason to fall back in love with chocolate. Thank you!


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