Back to the Neighbourfood

Mom and I checked out the Neighbourfood Market this past Sunday. I was surprised to see that the set up was different from last month. There were no tables inside the warehouse, but instead all the food vendors were standing under their small tents in the heavy heat. Cooking in 34 degrees couldn’t have been much fun.


To cool off mom and I each had a delicious lemonade. Mom called it the best lemonade she ever tasted. It seemed to have sparkling water in it and little pieces of chopped mint. It was totally refreshing. We also bought a plate of fresh ravioli from the same vendors. They were stuffing, folding and boiling the ravioli to order. You could really taste the freshness of the pasta. It was so soft and tender. The ravioli was filled with lemon and ricotta and lightly covered in a homemade tomato sauce, a perfectly delicate combination.Between the two of us we almost tried everything at the market. I ordered a bun from the Bao Project. It had a spicy tofu steak, topped with pickled veggies and coconut curry flakes. We also tried one of those flat pancakey things from an Ethiopian vendor. I believe the correct name for the flat bread is Injera. The bread was topped with Saffron potatoes and green beans which were slightly spicy, fresh green salad and some very flavourful lentils. Although we tried eating with our hands in the traditional manner it got a bit messy and we resorted to using a spoon.

For dessert I absolutely had to return to the California baker where Patrick bought the triple chocolate cake from last time. I bought a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing. We were too full to eat dessert at the market and frankly it was just too hot. So we took the cake with us and had it with a cup of tea at the Van Gogh Museum later in the afternoon.

A really nice touch on the organizers’ behalf was the kiddy pools that they filled with cold water. I know I enjoyed dipping my feet in after lunch to cool off.  Aaah — refreshing!



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