This is Rotterdam

Last  Sunday a friend and I checked out the Swan Market in Rotterdam. It’s a lifestyle Market where you can buy anything from traditional savoury English pies to vintage jewellery, to hand made arts and crafts. The Market was held at the Museumplein, which is only about a fifteen minute walk from the central station. We arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon and there was still a lot going on. Kids playing, a DJ spinning, Heineken drinking, and happy hipster chicks with bright pink lips clustered around chatting. There was enough food for every pallet. I had a fantastic roasted vegetable salad that had the delicious smokey taste of BBQ and was tossed in my favourite — olive oil. My girlfriend tried an “authentic” meat taco that came with a side of cooked cactus.

Rotterdam gets a bad rep for being an ugly side of modern, but I would have to disagree. Sure it doesn’t have the beautiful 17th to early 20th Century buildings that Leiden does, but the art scene and the potential for people watching is unbeatable. Rotterdam is young lively fresh and trendy. The buildings are new and so are the people and their ideas. This past weekend the Market was held at the Musuemplein which is bordered by the Dutch Architecture Institute on one side and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningenon the other. The location was a perfect showcase of  what’s happening, what’s local and what’s real in Rotterdam. The cool thing is that the location changes every time. Unfortunately next month the Market is held on the 19th of August, which is on the same day as the NeighbourFood Market in Amsterdam. Decisions decisions…


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