Market with a view

I have spent most of my life living just a few blocks away from the water. The view of the Olympic Mountains from Dallas Road in Victoria on a clear day is amazing. I can’t imagine that I’d ever tire of it. Although the Netherlands has plenty of water, beautiful canals, and a romantic seaside, it is not quite the same as the wild Pacific Ocean and rugged mountain ranges that I was used to at home. This past winter I went back to BC for a visit. A close friend of mine who I met in Europe met me there and we spent a couple of weeks traveling around. Seattle was on our list of places to see. It’s easy to get there from Victoria, you just have to take the Clipper Ferry. Unfortunately in the winter it only leaves from Victoria in the evening and from Seattle in morning. That means at least a two night stay for a one day visit. Anyways. With the early sunset in the winter, we spent the entire trip in the dark. It was just after 8 when we arrived. Luckily the hostel we booked was only 15 mins by foot and just a few steps from the Pike Place Market. That wasn’t a coincidence of course.

The two of us had a late night, but woke up just before sunrise. We grabbed ourselves a fresh cup of “Seattle’s Best” and then wandered over to the Market where we watched some of the early morning activity. I have to admit the “fish guys” were friendly even at eight in the morning. We walked through the main market building and stood out on one of the balconies that faces west. From there we had a great view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. At that moment it really hit me how much I love and how much I had missed that view!


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